Dee Burrell Consulting is a unique training development business working with front desk receptionists, administrative assistants, and any employee in your organization that has interest in brushing up on customer service skills. Dee Burrell Consulting is a consulting business providing professional, unique professional development training, along with personal life coaching for individuals.


Due to Covid 19, many employees were forced to work from home for several months and now returning to the office after months away, is a great time to treat your front desk employees to a new unique training workshop to become even better representatives for your company,


The owner, Dee Burrell has an excess of over 20 years working as a professional in the Corporate Sector, Private schools and Law firms.   Dee started her career as a front desk receptionist and in a very short time; her title was changed to Director of First Impressions by the President of a company.  Dee is a life learner and is always willing to share tips that were successful in her career.  Dee’s passion for exceptional and professional office experience (accompanied by the passion of Dress for Success), is the inspiration behind Dee Burrell Consulting.  She learned early on the importance of representing a company as the first point of contact.

 Dee is a world-traveler, having enjoyed time as a speaker, in places as far as Singapore, Florida and Switzerland. Her credentials include:

· Certified Life Coach

· Certified in Women’s Issues and Diversity

· Certified Business Entrepreneurial

· Published Author

· Business Owner*

Dee is a proud mother of an educator and she is also nana to her beautiful granddaughter. 

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